Contact Me

You can use this form to contact me if you’d like to:

• engage my services as a paid speaker, consultant, teacher, or workshop facilitator (see below);

• invite me to contribute to a book or other publication;

• request permission to reprint my writing;

• interview me or get a quote from me;

• invite me to review or write a blurb for your book, film, or other work;

• invite me to serve on your dissertation or thesis committee.

Due to my busy schedule, I don’t accept private clients or respond to requests for unpaid advice or consultation. (I make an exception for grad students inquiring about having me on their dissertation or thesis committee.)

My consultation rate is $200 per hour, payable in advance.

For speaking engagements, I require full reimbursement of travel expenses, plus a negotiable honorarium, plus $1500 per diem for long-distance travel. (I make exceptions in the case of invitations from college faculty to speak to a class, though if it’s outside the San Francisco Bay Area my appearance will probably have to happen via teleconference.)