Academic Work

I’m transdisciplinary in my orientation, and omnivorous in my scholarly interests. My fields of study include (but certainly aren’t limited to) somatic psychology, depth psychology, transpersonal psychology, humanistic psychology, developmental psychology, queer theory, gender studies, mad studies, transformative learning, embodiment practices, autism, neurodiversity, narrative research, and queer and/or neurodivergent literature. 

I teach at California Instute of Integral Studies, at both the undergraduate and graduate levels.   

Click here to view or download a complete .pdf copy of my doctoral dissertation, Transformative Somatic Practices and Autistic Potentials.

I’m always happy to support the next generation of scholars by serving on dissertation committees and thesis committees. If you’re a student at California Institute of Integral Studies, having me on your committee is easy to arrange. If you’re a student elsewhere, find out your school’s policy on external committee members; a lot of schools actually prefer that you have an external member (i.e., a faculty member from a different school) on your committee. Either way, contact me and we’ll talk.