Frequently Asked Questions

What the heck does neurocosmopolitanism mean?

See the very first post in this blog for a basic explanation.

Why can’t I post comments on your blog posts?

I’ve disabled all commenting on this blog because I no longer have time to moderate or respond to comments.

Can I engage your services as a speaker, consultant, teacher, or workshop facilitator?

Yes, if there’s an opening in my schedule and if we can agree on remuneration and other details. Contact me and we’ll discuss it. Note that my schedule tends to fill up, so it’s best to contact me far in advance.

May I contact you for advice or insight?

Due to my busy schedule and the high demand for my personal and professional perspective, and also due to liability issues, I do not respond to requests for advice unless you are paying me for my consulting services. If you are seeking insight regarding parenting Autistic children or working with Autistic children, I highly recommend the Parenting Autistic Children with Love & Acceptance Facebook page.

I like the word neurocosmopolitanism and the concept it represents – may I use it in my own writing? 

Yes. I’d like the word and the concept to spread widely. I would prefer that you not use it as the title of a book or film, however, as I’m already using it as the title of a book-in-progress.

Can I quote something that you said in this blog?

Sure, as long as you credit me and include a link to the blog (or the blog name and URL, if you’re quoting me in a non-online medium). I work in academia, so I like being cited. I also like being notified when I’ve been quoted or cited, if you’re not too shy to drop me a quick message about it.

Can I reprint one of your posts in my blog, on my website, or in my book?

Probably, as long as you credit me and include a link to the blog. Contact me and we can discuss it. Unauthorized and uncredited use of my work may result in legal action.

Can I interview you or get a statement from you for something I’m writing, or for my radio show, podcast, film, or other project?

Yes, unless your work strikes me as being at odds with my goals and ethics. Contact me and we can discuss it.

Will you review my book, film, or other thing in this blog?

Probably, if you send me a free copy and if my schedule allows it. Contact me to make arrangements. Because of my busy schedule, my turnaround time on such things can be a bit slow. So if you’re hoping for the review to appear by a particular date, please contact me as far in advance as possible.

Will you write a post, article, or chapter for my blog, journal, or book?

Contact me and we’ll discuss it. Because of my busy schedule, I generally need a lot of advance notice (the more the better) if you want an original piece of writing from me.

Are you an autism parent?

Not in the way the term is commonly used (i.e., the parent of an autistic child). I’m autistic and my kid isn’t.

How often is this blog updated?

I keep myself extraordinarily busy, so updates are irregular. I try to post at least once a month, but there are often long dry spells where that doesn’t happen. Sometimes I post more than once a month, but I’m unlikely to ever become the sort of blogger who updates daily or even weekly. If you don’t see a new blog post for a long time, rest assured that I’m probably working on something awesome that you’ll get to see eventually.