About Me

Nick Walker SpeakingI’m an Autistic author, educator speaker, transdisciplinary scholar, and aikido teacher.

I hold a 6th degree black belt in aikido. I’m the founder and senior instructor of Aikido Shusekai, an aikido dojo in Berkeley, California.

I’m an editor for the independent worker-owned publishing house Autonomous Press, which I co-founded.

I’m a faculty member in the Interdisciplinary Studies B.A. program at California Institute of Integral Studies and the Psychology B.A. program at Sofia University.

I’ve contributed to a number of books, including Towards an Archeology of the Soul (2003), Loud Hands: Autistic People, Speaking (2012), The Real Experts: Readings for Parents of Autistic Children (2015), and The Spoon Knife Anthology: Thoughts on Compliance, Defiance, and Resistance (2016).

In addition to my own Neurocosmopolitanism blog, I serve on the editorial teams of the blogs Parenting Autistic Children with Love & Acceptance and We Are Like Your Child.

I’ve been featured in the documentary films Crux (1999) Orphans of Delirium (2004), Dreambody/Earthbody (2012), and Spectrum: A Story of the Mind (2015). I also make brief appearances in some of the indie cult films of director Antero Alli, including The Greater Circulation (2005), The Mind is a Liar and a Whore (2007), The Invisible Forest (2008), and To Dream of Falling Upward (2011).

My upcoming projects include a science-fiction webcomic entitled Weird Luck, co-written with Andrew Reichart and illustrated by Mike Bennewitz.

Interested parties can stalk me online via my Facebook page, my Twitter feed, and my infrequent and irregular email newsletter.