About Me

Nick Walker SpeakingI’m an Autistic author, educator, speaker, transdisciplinary scholar, and aikido teacher.

I’m an editor at the independent worker-owned publishing house Autonomous Press, which I co-founded.

I hold a 6th degree black belt in aikido. I’m the founder and senior instructor of the Aikido Shusekai dojo in Berkeley, California.

I write the webcomic Weird Luck, along with my co-author Andrew Reichart and artist Mike Bennewitz.

I’m a faculty member in the Interdisciplinary Studies program at California Institute of Integral Studies and the undergraduate Psychology program at Sofia University.

Books in which my writings can be found include Towards an Archeology of the Soul (2003), Loud Hands: Autistic People, Speaking (2012), The Real Experts: Readings for Parents of Autistic Children (2015), The Spoon Knife Anthology (2016), and Spoon Knife 2: Test Chamber (2017).

I’ve been featured in the documentary films Crux (1999) Orphans of Delirium (2004), Dreambody/Earthbody (2012), and Spectrum: A Story of the Mind (2015). I also make brief appearances in some of the indie cult films of director Antero Alli, including The Greater Circulation (2005), The Mind is a Liar and a Whore (2007), The Invisible Forest (2008), and To Dream of Falling Upward (2011).

Interested parties can stalk me online via my Facebook page, my Twitter feed, and my infrequent email newsletter.

Due to my busy schedule, I do not currently accept private clients. If you’re looking for private coaching/consulting sessions, I highly recommend my wife, the brilliant Azzia Walker.